About the Team

Our names are Otto and Wescott. Yes, we are brothers.

Both of us enjoy a life layered with tradition. We want to preserve and share our family traditions, so this is what we came up with.

We built this website from the ground up and if you are reading this, then that means it hasn't fallen apart yet. Yay.

When not coding, Otto and I enjoy the outdoors and do normal people things like eating cereal.

Writing a Tradition

When you stop and think about it, traditions tie together much of our daily lives. Pick a month, any month. What’s on the calendar? Meeting neighbors and friends for the biannual barbecue?

The Birth of Tradish

The idea for Tradish was conceived during a trip around the world that took place about two years ago. I was in a dusty, remote corner of Marrakech, Morocco’s Medina dining on a traditional tagine when it hit me: the awe-inspiring importance of culture

Why Tradish?

Our mission is to provide people with a platform to preserve, grow, and create traditions. But beyond that, my hope is for people to strengthen bonds with one another through sharing traditions. Whether connecting with family, friends, classmates or colleges. Traditions both big and small make our interactions and experiences all the richer. At Tradish, we hope t