No Pants Subway Ride 2016


Here's a celebration of pure silliness. What started as an annual event in New York City by a "prank collective" called Improv Anywhere, has spread to over 60 cities in 25 countries. The idea: seemingly unrelated people board the subway at several different stops in the middle of winter equipped with all the usual stuff such as shirt, coat, scarf, briefcase, shoes... but no pants. Started in 2002, the whole idea behind the event is to "cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places." What's not to love about that!


Improv Everywhere was founded by Charlie Todd, and has executed over 100 public events of craziness. In 2002, 7 guys formed the original stunt, where one of them got on the same car at each of 7 consecutive stops. They claimed "they just forgot" to put on their pants, and at the 8th stop, someone got on the train selling pants for a dollar!


Underwear you'd be proud to display in front of hundreds of complete strangers.


You may want to get on Improv Anywhere's mailing list for coordination of this event, or other random acts of silliness: Improv Anywhere Email Sign Up

In the morning, get ready as you'd normally do, take extra attention to the underwear you select, don't put on your pants, and head for the subways!!