Chinese Wedding

  • Author: Wescott
  • Occurence: When two Chinese people agree to marry.
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A Chinese wedding involves a disproportionate amount of the color red! Getting married in China traditionally was an elaborate affair with several steps that involved: the boy's parents hiring a matchmaker; finding a suitable bride; confirming the birthdates are a suitable match and a prediction of the couple's future success; establishing a bride price that is presented to the women's family; arranging the wedding day according to tung shing, which ensures an auspicious day that brings good luck is chosen; and finally, the wedding ceremony itself.According to tradition, there is a bridal procession that starts with the bride's home, moves to the groom's home, involves a ceremony where respects are paid to the Jade Emperor and vows exchanged, followed by a 9-course banquet where the marriage is celebrated. Traditionally, the bride wears a red dress, and the traditional costume, however in modern times, brides have adopted the white wedding dress.


China is really old, and many of the marriage customs go back 3,000 - 5,000 years. In ancient times, the man was not part of the selection of his bride, with that responsibility falling exclusively on his parents. Needless to say, the woman had no say, and was essentially matched and sold off to the groom's family.


Too many to list!


  1. Couple decides to get married

  2. Dowry is set

  3. Wedding date set

  4. Ceremony takes place

  5. Reception follows