St. Knuts Day


Who knew that a Halloween-like holiday was available after Christmas?! St. Knuts Day is on the 20th day after Christmas, where traditionally men in Sweden and Finland would dress up in as a goat or hag or crow, go from house to house scaring occupants into giving them food and alcoholic drinks. This bizarre custom marks the official end to the Christmas season, and has more recently become a Halloween like holiday where kids go trick or treating.


This whole thing traces back to a saint and his assassination! Danish prince Canute Lavard was killed by his very own cousin, Magnus, on January 7, 1131. Magnus wanted the thrown all himself, and was indeed coronated in 1170. Canute (Knut) subsequently was granted sainthood and was celebrated with his own day... Since January 7th coincided with The Epiphany, St. Knut's Day was moved to January 13. Deemed as one of the most confusing traditions from Sweden, this day is dying out as it no longer makes a lot of sense to people!


  • A costume

  • Food to share

  • A festive mood

  • Scaring optional


  1. Get dressed up

  2. Visit houses

  3. Get 20-day old cookies hanging from the tree, or hopefully, something better!