National Pastrami Day

  • Author: Wescott
  • Occurence: January 14
  • Categorie(s): Food


Like many unofficial food holidays, there is no real history or origin... and it's not a real thing. But, then again, it is if people celebrate it... so, maybe the better way to represent this day is to say that Pastrami is traditionally eaten on January 14th! Pastrami is a Jewish delicacy, and most often is made of beef that has been brined, seasoned and smoked. The beef comes from the navel end of brisket, and the final step of the process is to steam the smoked meat until the connective tissue turns into a gelatin. The traditional way to eat pastrami in the USA is by making a pastrami sandwich, consisting of pastrami on rye bread, served with cole slaw and a pickle. It is best served hot, and from the New York City deli Katz's Deli.


Pastrami originates in Romania and Turkey. Jewish immigrants from Romania brought pastrami to the US in the 1870s. The first pastrami sandwich is credited to Sussman Volk, a New York City resident who made the sandwich in 1872.


Pastrami, rye bread... keep this simple people!


Buy the pastrami, or if you're up for it, here's an article from Serious Eats that lays out all of the steps that Katz's Deli in New York City takes to make the perfect pastrami sandwich: How Katz's Deli Makes the Best Pastrami