Toilet Papering Basketball Game

  • Author: Wescott
  • Occurence: First JBU home basketball game of the season
  • Categorie(s): Sports


At the first home basketball game of the season at John Brown University (JBU), when JBU makes its first field goal almost every fan throws a roll of toilet paper on to the court, earning JBU an automatic technical foul. JBU is an all male college in Arkansas.


For 35 years, JBU fans have done this… Approximately 2,000 rolls are hurled onto the court, and it has been called the greatest technical foul in sports.


  • A ticket to the first home game of a JBU game

  • A roll (or rolls) of toilet paper


Wait for the first field goal basket by JBU, and then hurl the roll as hard as you can!