Black Friday Present Swap


Thanksgiving is a time for our family to get together for a few days, relax, celebrate, get outside and have fun. Not big shoppers, we don't hit the malls of America on the Friday after the turkey feast. But not wanting to be left out of the fun, we combine Secret Santa with Black Friday to have a fun, spontaneous, casual gift-giving party. The idea is to be super creative, personalized to the gift recipient and thoughtful!


This started for us a couple of years ago, when my immediate and extended family were all together at our beach house in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was the day after Thanksgiving and we were all lounging around talking about how crazy Black Friday was. My Dad and Uncle got the idea to have everyone put their name in a hat and pick out a name that you had to shop an online store for 1 hour, and then present the gift in front of the group... Prizes for the best / most creative gift.


  • Computer or smart phone

  • Internet connection

  • Credit Card

  • Family / Friends


  1. Put everyone's names in a hat - we include family from all over the country!

  2. Everyone goes online at the same time and has one hour to buy a gift for $25 or less.

  3. You can set whatever amount makes sense for your group...

  4. Once everyone is done, Facetime or Skype anyone who is not with you, or just all gather up.

  5. Present each gift in front of the group to the person you got…

  6. Award a winner - multiple caetgories encouraged so all can feel special!