Community Wreath Making


The weekend after Thanksgiving is a festive time, with people preparing for the holidays, shopping for presents and decorating. Our town's Chamber of Commerce organizes a Make Your Own Wreath party every year and it's a big hit! All the greens, berries, pinecones, ribbon, wire, wreath ring and tools are provided, along with a local woman who teaches anyone how to make a great wreath. If your town doesn't have it's own wreath making event, this is an easy, fun for the whole family craft you can do at home as well.


This is our first year of making our own wreaths, but the tradition has been going on a long time in our town.


  • Wreath rings

  • Floral wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Pruning shears

  • Evergreen material - spruce, pine, juniper, holly, etc.
    Pine cones

  • Berries

  • Any other decoration you can think of

  • Ribbon


  1. First you secure the floral wire to the wreath ring, making sure you secure the wire to one of the perpendicular posts so the wire doesn't slide.

  2. Next, cut up a lot of pieces of greenery, about 6" in length

  3. Now you're ready for wreath building: layer three pieces of greenery together in your hand where one piece is pointing to the left, one in the middle, and one to the right.

  4. Place the arrangement on the frame and wrap the floral wire 2-3 times around the stems.

  5. Keep repeating all the way around, putting each bunch In a pattern: one to the left, one in the middle, and one to the right.

  6. Vary greenery and berries as desired and go all the way around

  7. Add pinecones after wreath is completed as desired
    Make a bow and attach

  8. Make a loop of wire at the top of the wreath as a hanger