Surfing on Thanksgiving


While football games in the yard are most typical for pre-dinner Thanksgivingfestivities, my family likes to do things a little differently. We live in the Pacific Northwest, and have a beach cottage on the north coast of Oregon where the surf is almost always great. Since the Pacific ocean is always cold, surfing in June versus November is basically the same, so we wake up in the morning, load up our surf boards and head to Short Sands Beach. The water is exhilarating and the experience always builds up a huge appetite for dinner!


This started last year with my Uncle Justin rallying all of us to motivate out to the beach!


  • Surf board

  • Waves

  • Wet suit (if you live in cold water!)


  1. Load your equipment and get to the beach

  2. Wax your board

  3. Stretch

  4. Hit the waves