Look for an Evergreen Day


If you’re a habitual procrastinator or a freshly-cut tree connoisseur, this is the perfect tradition for you. Some say this holiday comes too late, but for others it rolls around at just the right time. Traditionally, Christmas trees were decorated on Christmas Eve, and I personally know a few families who continue to carry out this custom. Perhaps that explains why this holiday is celebrated so late into the season.

Today is the day to go out, axe in hand (or someone who knows what they’re doing in tow) and cut yourself down a true Christmas tree: An Evergreen. True to their names, these neat trees stay “ever green” and don’t cast away their branches during the barren winter months. The ideal Christmas tree varieties are generally spurs, spruces, and pines.

Decorating a fresh Evergreen, the strong scent of pine dancing through the air, really gets the Holiday mojo going. Fun fact: the first Christmas tree decorators used edible fruits, nuts, and other foods, but in the Eighteenth century this practice was replaced with the use of candles for illumination, thus paving the way for today’s Christmas lights.


Despite my best efforts, I have no idea who created this particular day nor where it specifically originated. However, I can tell you that Germany is accredited with initiating the Christmas tree tradition, when pious Christians brought ornamented conifers into their homes. 


-An Evergreen (Preferably: spurs, spruces, or pines)
-Something to decorate with (A good chance to use that fruitcake)
-Joyous spirits


1) Go look for an Evergreen Tree
2) Cut the Evergreen down
3) Take it home
4) Thank it for sacrificing its life, for your festive enjoyment
5) Decorate it with anything you want
6) Put presents under it