Go Caroling Day


If you really want to revel in the Holiday spirit, then today is your day. Go Caroling Day is a day to forget our busy agendas and spend some quality time spreading the Holiday cheer.

Caroling is traditionally done by dressing up in some festive attire and going door to door singing Christmas carols. What is a carol? Well, a carol is a song that holds a Christmas or Winter Season theme.

As a Boy Scout, I used to carol frequently during the month of December with my fellow troop in nursing homes or outside random houses. The happiness and delight spread like a tsunami throughout the area each and every time, and I always left with a lighthearted sensation. Christmas holiday caroling is a great way to enjoy the holiday and embody meaning. With that said, debatably the best part of this tradition: drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream at the end. I’ll link to the recipe. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/20211/creamy-hot-cocoa/


Many people go caroling during the month of December and just before Christmas is peak caroling season. Naturally this holiday was an impromptu extension of what was already going on. Many online calendars and E-Cards recognize this national event as occurring on December 20th, but it is fair to note that some do claim it takes place on the 19th.


-A group to carol with
-An audience to carol to
-Your festive apparel
-A song book of Christmas Carols
-Your best singing voice (or at least the willingness to participate)
-Hot chocolate and whipped cream


1) Coordinate with your group on when and where you will be caroling
2) Carol to your heart’s content
3) Drink hot chocolate