Midnight Mass | Christmas Morning


Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations on the planet, and to do this holiday right, kicking off the most well-known birthday party in the world at midnight is a special, spiritual and uplifting experience. I grew up in New England, where typically snow blanketed our town and the crisp air demanded scarves, gloves and a warm coat. My family is rooted in Catholicism, and my hometown was predominantly Catholic, which meant our family, along with most of my friends, made their way to our parish church to usher in Christmas together at midnight. As a kid, I was completely caught up in the sparkling lights, the myriad of candles burning at every nook and cranny of our church and the celebratory mood everyone was in. The music was always the highlight of an otherwise long mass that stood between me and my presents that Santa would be unloading in my house at any moment. And while I may not have appreciated it as a kid, I now look bad fondly and with gratitude that my parents had up participate in such a special moment each year.


The birth of Christ is set in a cold night, in a common manger, surrounded by shepherds who kept the night watch. Some say participating in midnight mass is likened to being a shepherd standing watch over the birth of Christ. Across the globe, for centuries, people have traditionally welcomed the Christmas holiday and the birth of Christ at midnight on December 25th.


A Christian church and an open heart.


Arrive at church before midnight and connect with your fellow man.