Whispering God's Message at Birth

  • Author: Wescott
  • Occurence: At the birth of a child.
  • Categorie(s): Religion


In the Muslim faith, parents are responsible for both the physical creation of the child, as well as that child's spiritual life. The words 'Adhaan' and 'Iqaamah' entail the complete, summarized message of Islam. 'Adhaan' or, the call to prayers, is in fact a call to Islam. 'Iqaamah' is the announcement of the initiation of prayer, which is in fact the preparedness to worship and serve God. Upon birth of a child, the parents whisper 'Adhaan' in the left ear and 'Iqaamah' in the right ear. This transmission of God's message from the parent to the child activates that child's spiritual life. And, as a Muslim, that child will hear God's message of 'Adhaan' and 'Iqaamah' five times a day in the local mosque for the rest of their life.


This tradition was initiated by the prophet, Mohamed.


Being present at the birth of your child.


Whisper 'Adhaan' in the left ear, and 'Iqaamah' in the right ear.