Wishing on a Star

  • Author: Cliff
  • Occurence: Every evening that you can see at least one star.
  • Categorie(s): Family


"Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight..."
I know, it's corny and pretty "Disney" but, hey, sometimes the cheesiest things can be useful. Every night that the sky is visible, I go out and look up for the first star I spot and I make a wish. Really! For me, it's kind of a meditation technique that lets me acknowledge the most important issue or thought I have for the day, week or sometimes months. I'll often have the same wish for weeks at a time, until a given goal, objective or problem is either accomplished or resolved, or at least on the right path. If I don't see the night sky, I skip it... but most nights that there is even a glimpse of the stars, I am making my wish known to whomever is listening.


Wishing on stars dates back to Ancient Greece, when Greek astronomer Ptolemy wrote that occasionally, out of curiosity or even boredom, the Gods peer down at the earth from between the spheres. Sometimes when doing this, the gods dislodged stars, which then came crashing down to earth, creating shooting stars... So, when the Greeks saw the shooting star, they thought the gods were paying attention to them on earth, and therefore they should make a wish.In terms of wishing on the first star, I am not sure where this came from, or when!


A clear or partially clear evening sky; I watchful eye for the first star to wink out of the dusk.


Look up to the sky after sunset, as the orange glow gives way to a deep blue. Look for the first star. And then, just make your wish. Maybe it's like a prayer, or an ask, or just a thought you deem important.