New Year’s Eve: Out (the window) With the Old


You’ve heard the expression “out with the old and in with the new.” Well, in South Africa, people take this literally on New Year’s Eve, and throw furniture, small appliances and even things as large as refrigerators. It’s a huge mess, often causes injuries and even deaths. The tradition traces back to Europe, where the idea of throwing the old to make room for the new got traction. But in places like Johannesburg, in some neighborhoods it is an excuse to get violent and dangerous.


Many of the world’s New Years Eve traditions actually come from Italy’s Capodanno, which is their New Year’s holiday. Beyond that, however, there is no specific reason or event that can be pinned to the origins of this one… write us if you know!


  • Household items that you no longer want or care about.

  • Instead of a window, however, we suggest putting them out on the curb… safer for everyone, and in the spirit of recycling, maybe someone else can “bring in the new” for themselves!


On New Years Eve, simply purge your old, unwanted items SAFELY!