New Year’s Eve: Drink Wishes in Champagne


If there was ever a case for organic, soy-based ink, it’s this tradition. In Russia, on New Year’s Eve, revelers write their wish or wishes down on a piece of paper, and then burn it with a candle, and reserve the ashes. They then carefully put the ashes in their champagne glass, and drink it! The idea is that your dream or wish will come true by truly and literally internalizing it…


I got nothing, but it’s a cool tradition!


  • Pen

  • paper

  • candle

  • match

  • glass of champagne


  1. Write your wish for the new year down on a piece of paper

  2. Then burn it with a candle

  3. Soak the ashes in champagne…

  4. Drink it – all as the clock strikes midnight!