Super Bowl Sunday


One of America’s most famous unofficial holidays and tradition is Super Bowl Sunday. Indeed, in 2016, we will be celebrating our 50th of such Sundays, always the last Sunday of January.In 2015, The Super Bowl had 114M+ viewers, making it the most watched TV show in history. It has become an all-day affair for Americans, typically becoming a day where friends and family gather together for a party, eat lots and lots of food, and settle in for both the game and the TV commercials, which are typically the most extravagant and high-budget of any throughout the year. It features the most elaborate halftime show of any sporting event, except maybe the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and Super Bowl shows and content is streamed all day long.


The Super Bowl started out of the commercial rivalry of the National Football League and the American Football League. Founded in 1922, the NFL was the only league in the U.S. until 1960, when the AFL was born. A bitter rivalry broke out between the two leagues when poaching of players started in 1965. In negotiations on how to resolve the player disputes, the idea of merging the two leagues was born. While that merger officially happened in 1970, the two leagues created an interleague competition, where the best team from each league, would play a final Interleague World Championship. There were three games from 1966-1969, before the NFL and AFL merged, which would become Super Bowls I, II, and III.


Each year, an AFL and NFL winning team is announced, and the game is scheduled.
A TV or streaming device – or better yet, tickets to the Super Bowl!
A bunch of loud friends and/or family.
A huge spread of buffet-style food.
Optional – wear appropriate team colors.


Gather at least an hour or two before and start the party.
Kickoff is at 6:30pm EST.
Have fun and get into it!