Yinekokratia: The Feast of all Women


In many northern villages in Greece, married people celebrate Yinekokratia, or, the feast of all women. On January 8th every year, women and men reverse their roles. The men stay home for the day, manage the household chores, cook the meals and deal with the children. The women spend their day in leisure, where men traditionally spend their day... often times this means a good old pub crawl (or in Greece's case, Kafenions). In the evening, the men are permitted to meet up with their wives and celebrate the day.


This custom traces back to Ancient Greece, which was predominantly a matriarchal society.


Willing husband and wife; and probably works best in a household where the man works and the woman stays home... which, thankfully in the U.S. anyway, is becoming less common!


The woman of the house leaves in the morning and has a day of fun, most likely with her friends, doing things her husband might do in his leisure hours... could be anything! The male of the household assumes ALL domestic duties and gets to see how it all works for a day with no other help.