Writing a Tradition

When you stop and think about it, traditions tie together much of our daily lives. Pick a month, any month. What’s on the calendar? Meeting neighbors and friends for the biannual barbecue? Mother’s Day, on which you call her and read a scrappy haiku that expresses your love and gratitude the same, but changes every year? Or perhaps Taco Tuesday dictates that you and a few friends enjoy a few authentic tacos at the shady Mexican restaurant across the street and catch up? Whatever your traditions may be, however quirky, however small, they are precious and deserve to be shared. Traditions are fun and fascinating, but perhaps most importantly, they are what make us human.

So now what makes a good one? If you do it then it’s a good one, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. But, how do you post one? Well, if you can click the “Share” link on the navigation bar at the top of this page than we are already off to a great start!

The Title

A good title is short and sweet. Just imagine describing your tradition in three to five words to the barista at your local coffee shop. What would make him stop and say, “Please, tell me more!” Boom – you have your title!

The Description

Just write down whatever comes to mind when I pose the following question: “What is your tradition?” You don’t have to write an essay here, just simply enough to get your point across. Although if it does turn into an essay, that’s awesome as well!

The Background

All great traditions have great stories preluding them. This is your chance to tell everybody why and how. If it’s random, then justify its randomness. If it’s audacious, justify its grandiosity! How did your tradition come to be? Albeit optional, this step really breathes some personality and authenticity into the tradition. Again, just write however much you want. Two sentences are better than zero.

The “Ingredients”

Okay, we aren’t necessarily asking for “ingredients” in the most literal sense here, and I know that’s confusing, but bear with me. We are trying to get a sense for the components that make this idea a reality. Who do need with you: friends and family? What do you need with you: chips and guacamole or a red mailbox? You can just list here, please don’t stress over the formatting. We’ll handle that!

The “Steps”

If you are posting a literal recipe involving edible food then please, by all means post it among “ingredients” and “steps” as you intuitively would. However, writing the steps down is similar to a food recipe regardless of whether or not it is. How does somebody utilize the ingredients you listed above to perform this tradition? How does this tradition take place? Please, write an ordered list here, so we don’t accidently do the steps out of order and end up with something random.

The Other Stuff

All of the rest should be pretty self-explanatory, but it it’s not please do let us know. You can contact us in the footer below. Thanks!